Jay Kamat


Hi! I'm Jay Kamat, an undergraduate computer science student at Georgia Tech, and I'm interested in everything related to science, technology, computers, engineering, and space!


Personal Projects

These are projects that I have created purely for fun, or for improvements in my day to day workflow.

  1. alda-mode

    An Emacs major mode for alda

  2. DoCIF

    A Docker CI Framework, Leveraging Github/CircleCI

  3. elevator-linked-list

    A C++ demo on how the design of super-tall elevators can be used to improve linked list performance

  4. Mobius-Tunes

    Created at HackGT 2015

  5. ViPaint

    A vi inspired, modal painting program, written in Java

  6. dotfiles

    My dotfiles, containing all my configs and desktop automation tools

  7. JayLayer

    A Java MP3 wrapper library to make sound easy!

  8. JPlanetSimulator

    A Java 2D N-Body Planet Simulation using Newton's Laws

Free Software Contributions

  1. robocup-software
    • Maintainer and Software Lead for 2016-2017
    • Actively contributing through undergrad.
  2. Alda
    • Created the Alda auto-updater. See alda update.
    • Created the new Java REPL. See alda repl.
  3. qutebrowser
  4. riot-android
    • Created the first revision of a theme switcher and a dark theme.